2021 Update

With Covid I know we all have been struggling. It affected the journey Mac was taking, friends and family have been sick and some of us have lost family members. Others have front line workers in their family and worry about them everyday as they work around the clock to help others. And we thank them as without their efforts we would have so much more sorrow in this world.

We are all struggling through this time.

Please donate to their charities, or just take a moment to walk down your street and check on the neighbors living there to see if they have food, water, and electricity. This sharing or care not only helps those that are housebound, but creates a kinship in your neighborhood that we all have lived without for many years. We were so busy with working and the bubble of our own lives that we never took the time to meet those living around us.

I know there is much that divides us but if we can ignore those issues and just give a little support to anyone in need then we can make a difference.

Mac has made a huge difference in my life, and you can do the same for others.

Yes, I still need contributions as my well has run dry with the charges mounting from the new year, but there are many that need more. Please take the time to show your support for anyone or any group. Any contributions help no matter how small.

Thank you and God Bless!

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