A BIG THANK YOU + A Week on the Trail - What can go Wrong?

First and Foremost, we need to send a HUGE THANK YOU to the persons contributing to not only the fund for “Team Allie”, but for resupplying Mac on the trail! That is a huge help and his Amazon list has been updated to list the items that are still in need.

Remember you can find the list linked below or on the Special Thanks Page of the website:

OMG – I have to catch up with Mac as he is moving fast and having a blast as you can see by the pictures being added to Gallery 2 under the New Mexico Photo Album (look for the bar on top right of that photo album to change galleries).

Mac is starting to hurt, and his feet are taking a beating. He is looking for more shoes, the Nike Altras that are listed on Amazon on the link above.

Fortunately, he broke in some beforehand, but the resupply package has ended up in the wrong state, and the location he is at has no provisions!

The Support team is working on a plan to get him the supplies needed for the next stage of his trip even if they have to drive the full day to get the package to him. This is the problem with trying to hike the trail even in the best of times: with deliveries now being messed up and/or running late, this is crucial to the completion of his journey. Cait is working that out in the meantime and will get it handled, she is one hard working woman!

In the meantime, go to Mac’s You Tube channel and follow him as he posted a daily journal of the first part of the trip (5 videos in all) and came across actually two (2) rattlers!!!!

Mac is cheerful and happy in his surroundings; the terrain is desolate and yet beautiful. You can see for yourself it is not an easy journey. In some of the videos he shows his tiredness but he perseveres and pushes through, for the reward of a pizza and some Keystone!

Mac is being tested physically right now; not unlike myself with this illness, the last few days have been excruciating and I must focus on the ones I love, and the things I still have yet to finish to get through the day.

Mac, we are all with you brother, and cheering you on all the way! Keep going and be safe!

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