Admitting Defeat - Videos Posted...

As of today July 7th, the last of the videos are posted. (Thank you Mac)

With great sadness, it is time for this journey to end. Covid or “Life” Interrupts and you have no control. Although well planned out, the toll Covid has taken with difficulties in supply chains, equipment failures and money issues, the Great Western Experiment is coming to an end.

I know Mac; he is not a man that knows failure, he pushes through. His commitment to a goal or a promise is unwavering. TGWE is just one example of his drive. He pushed onward though the hard times, the weather, risking life and limb, selfless in his journey. Yes, although TGWE may have ended I know his message has reached far beyond our small list of contacts. Hopefully those persons will continue to follow in his footsteps for others.

I want him to know more than anything, This is not the end….. This is not a failure….

It is a rally call, a shout out for others to pay it forward, even if it is just a smile. Make an effort to show more kindness: just one small step, it can make a person’s day. In my case it helped lift my spirits to fight a little harder.

Mac is not done, I know that….and maybe it is time for me to figure out something I can do. I have no idea what, I’ll have to put my mind to it. As he said, we have always had each other’s back. Maybe I can figure a way to carry him a bit.

I love you Mac. More than once your efforts have brought me to tears, including today, at this time….not of sadness from the end of a journey, but to see just how far you have come.

You are unbelievable.

My Hero.

Videos posted here on Mckennon Laas YouTube Channel:

Videos listed in order to help with watching the story unfold

No Shirt & Big Miles - over 27.5 miles walked and 24 miles from Colorado – Coyotes singing, sundown and beautiful skies…

Baby Elks - Newborn Elk and June 3rd – Last of New Mexico and trying to time it right to get a hitch back to chama and MEXICAN FOOD. Colorado State Line!

Welcome to Colorado – Short day, resupply and fuel up! Giant Black bears, lots of hikers and mountain bikers. One state down, three or technically 4 to go!

Back to Colorado – June 5th Great Food – Fosters – Highly Recommend – The end of the pit stop in Chama – on to Pagosa Springs.

Today Blew – Hail and High Winds June 6th – Gusts of 30 Mph and hoping to get a break in the weather! Having to take shelter from the storm, snow still on the ground and yet Mac goes onward.

Wolf Creek Pass – June 8th one-word WIND. Benito Pass, one more bump to Wolf Creek Pass (over 12,000 ft).

Admitting Defeat – June 10th leaving Wolf Creek Pass, and facing hard times…….The name says it all…. Breaks my heart and will yours.

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