Allie's Fishbowl - Creative Ways to put up with my Husband - or him with ME?

Well, we too are living inside, and me with little to no Immune System, well I feel much like "The Boy in the Bubble". Jeez I am really dating myself! If my husband could get away with it - he would bubble me: but like head and all... Hmmmmmmm not sure how to take that; save my life or maybe to shut me up!

Thanks to the Lyme acting a fool, I have become a raving lunatic, that forgets everything told to me, and I will repeat myself several times and I argue anything that can be argued over!!!!!! So God save this man!

Not to mention, my emotions are all over the place, I laugh when I want to cry, and vice versa and let's just say it appears I should be a patient at Arkham Asylum! Yep, been watching Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey just a little too much! I could be a crazy spiked hair villain wanna be with the Birds of Prey - ask my hubby!

But then again he has his issues too, like being a shopaholic. Not like in amounts of money spent (medical bills get that), but a trip to Walgreens for meds - sure, Starbucks - oh ok, oh we must have bread from the store.... get where I am going? Instead of one trip its 3! And he loves to return things if they are not perfect, but now he can't really do that, so he is grumpy from that too. Oh and he is a germaphobe: so not only do I get doused in Lysol (cough cough choke cough), the entire house is covered in a daily layer! This is great therapy for him. Next thing you know there will be a lawsuit regarding Lysol linked to cancer and I would get that too: just you wait that is both our luck! (No, Lysol peeps - I am NOT saying it has been linked - DISCLAIMER - Let's repeat NOT saying that!)

One Last thing, add to the mayhem two dogs: one a whippet that is too smart for his dang good, and the other both Ric, aka the hubby, and Mac think is part coyote! The whippet had surgery and is driving us both crazy with the cone of shame on him. Yes, I ordered the blow up version but it is delayed in shipping - told ya about our luck!

So let's just say, this Covid 19 thing needs to get on getting on before this SPSer runs over her hubby with my super villian fast motorized wheelchair!!!!!! Heh, heh, hehhhhhhhhh (villian laugh)!

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