From Cuba to Chama: Finding Strength From Past Challenges (Allie)

Mac has three new videos out! He has been dealing with Murder Squirrels terrorizing him, pointless ups and downs “PUDS” from the terrain that challenge even the strongest of hikers and weather moving in. He is hurting, tired, and yet still thankful for the persons on the trail that impart a little wisdom and also are becoming a part of The Great Western Experiment. It’s amazing to see the willingness of strangers to help.

His videos bring a much-needed smile to my face as I have been having a rough patch while the treatments take hold and we wait to measure the bad against the good.

I have tears of joy and laughter as I hear about the squirrels terrorizing him with their antics. Darn Squirrels chewed a hole in his tent. LOL

He mentions the wisdom imparted to him by an avid hiker; the challenges today only prepare you for what is to come. Not many people actually realize this. Not only have I faced rough times in my life, I have trained and persevered through long races which not only challenged me physically but mentally. These experiences have helped prepare me for this newest challenge and I recognize that as well as my doctors. Now Mac is experiencing this on the trail.

You may be facing a rough patch ahead, financially or health; just remember you can make it thru. Though it may appear to have nothing but darkness ahead you just have to hang in till you turn that corner and find the light…..

Go watch the videos and laugh with me.

Up Up and Away, Murder Squirrels and Back to the Desert and lastly Slama Bama Chama

Thank you Mac! Godspeed.

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