How Life can Mimic the Stages of Your Bust (Yes, Breasts!) - Allie

I was walking my dogs and listening to a Ted Talk when my mind traveled off thinking about the stages of my life. I got on some weird tangent and decided to go with it and have some fun!

I am in a wheelchair, my once super athletic life was gone and I am a foodie! Before, when I was training, I would eat healthy then splurge on the weekend with my favorite foods! And while training I had to eat more protein and greens to support the calories I was burning.

Well, once in a wheelchair with limited mobility I still ate as though I was training and I was putting on the pounds. Albeit, the meds do have something to do with it, I was overweight in no time at all. I lived a new life in and out of hospitals and had a port put in place that was accessed once a week for treatments and labwork, so regular bras were out and I opted for the stretchy comfy kind that were easily accessed to handle my medical needs.

My once healthy body that was toned and tweaked to as much perfection as I could achieve was gone. I turned to the comfort foods, the comfort bra, and yes, like a woobie, I had my favorite blankie. Life was a balance of comfort, survival and nothing more.

As my bra stretched out and the cloth thinned, my mind became dull, depressed, and foggy, my breasts lowered and the relected my mood! I lived in pajamas and comfort stretchy clothes, The disease ate at me and my breasts gave in, gaining a cup size and the heaviness dragging to a more downward facing dog pose.

I was not like this…..I was perky, a morning person, and so was my bust, upright and alert they were facing the sun! I ran marathons, rode horses, motorcycles and was a cyclist! I was a triathlete and yet they remained up and tight and firm and little support was needed as confidence coursed through me both mentally and physically.

I did gain weight in between races and the back and forth dietary changes did reflect in my attitude and my breasts had their own mind as they morphed into a new shape. Still holding onto their fullness, they were no longer seeking the sun, in fact, to my horror, they started to bring to mind the shape of a tube sock! With the swing of the pendulum of my weight changes; so swung my breasts!

Emergency, Emergency, Support Was Needed STAT! Good friends would stop by and lift me up mentally and a trip to the experts at Victoria Secret helped lift me up in other ways. Oh how the normalcy felt: I had a glimpse of my old life. And yet, the support from both were short lived.

Life changes and throws you curve balls, bras fail, stretch out, wires poke through and go from being an annoyance to a painful reminder, and yet you hold onto the old, afraid of facing what might be.

This is when you must learn to visualize what you want…..find your inner strength, figure out how to live your best life……do you go get a better, stronger, super-support, ain’t gonna move no matter what, bra….a firm foundation as they call it (faith)? Or will you turn to the big ole implants and just redo and reinvent all together for however long that lasts; putting off the inevitable results?

Well as my hubby can attest I am no longer facing the ground…..I found my super-supportive, ain’t gonna move, do handstands and all, bra……I have my faith….I have my rock, (Ric, I love you!) and I am living life on my terms…as full as I can make it!

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