It's Allie! Hello from the Blow Fish in the Bowl!

Well, all I can say is my husband really loves me! He has hit every store and gotten me foods that stock up are easy to store and cook in the event he gets called out, as he does periodically....

Thanks to my sweet tooth right now and these items which are are stored, (all high carbs) + steroid treatments and meds and no real activity; let's say the "blow Fish" look is what I am sporting right now to my chagrin! I am so motivated to try to find some aqua therapy to fight this and not become a BIG BLOW FISH!

BUT........Apparently, I am not going anywhere accept Dr. appts that are necessay to help my immune system and actually stamp down the SPS symptoms a bit. So I research and wait till I can take part and try not to get down. I admit it can be a daily, hourly or every minute decision not to get down.

So today the Lyme and SPS is really going: I know I need to lie down but I saw this video and I had to share because in this time where everyone is down, afraid and scared , you must find beauty and something to cling to.

The human spirit can rally and like other difficulties in your life, you can either choose to be scared and lie down and flat give up; or you can find something that inspires the soul and carry on knowing you will persevere and conquer.

Thanks to a friend a found my inspiration for today:

P.S. get the translation and understand just what is happening and how these persons are making and spreading the light to cling to!

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