Updated: Mar 3, 2020

A little something that shows you just how much I miss some of my old life: things I search out now to occupy the time from a wheelchair or bed during treatment time....

I am currently undergoing Rituxan treatment and getting Botox, THANK GOD! No not botox for the face, it is for the tendons in my feet and up the spine in my back hitting all those muscles and the ones under my shoulder blades and rotator cuffs. This helps with the sever muscle spasms that contort me.

It's funny, just yesterday I was looking at my arms and they are all bowed up like Popeye! The front muscles along my shins are the same way. They stand out about an inch from where they normally should lie. For someone that gets absolutly zero excercise I have these big ole muscles due to them contracting and holding for hours on end. This happens till the treatments are over and it takes time to really kick in.

HA - if only I knew that was all I had to do for training back when! lol

Sometimes you just have to find the humor in it all!

Triathlon my Love by Alison Largent

The cool damp morning

Butterflies in the stomach

Anxiety of what is to come

The sharp blast of the gun

All thoughts are erased

Cold envelopes me

Yet I welcome the feel

Strong pull and glide

I shiver from the thrill

My friend, My Carbon Fiber steed

Nimble and quick

Hum and wiz of the wheels

Oh the sounds I do adore

Hearing only my shoes

The straining of the muscles

As in practice, attacking the hills

Finish strong, the mantra of training

I will finish strong!

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