Its Both the Journey and the Follow Thru

Mac is finding his groove!

Good Afternoon TCP fans! Mac has restocked and well, just beat the pants off me on posting a slew of videos. The link to the latest and greatest is found below, along with a link to his YouTube Channel so you can catch up on all the videos he has posted over the last week. They are short and perfect for a little work break to lighten your day!

Mac is going through extraordinary country with prairies, dessert-like, rocky, sandy terrain to beautiful vistas and cliff dwellings and is having the time of his life. It may be fun soaking up the scenery and just getting back to nature, but it is an arduous journey on the mind and on the body and he is feeling every step.

We are lucky that the Continental Divide Coalition and folks like the Davila Ranch provide provisions and maintain the trail for the hikers that come through! It just goes to show you what “Western Philosophy” is all about and how others practice it with little to no knowledge of the lives they touch. It’s about giving for the sake of giving, helping others in a selfless act. Not many persons would do that, maybe for a day, or contribute a few hours, but who in their right mind goes to this distance to help a friend? That is the question isn’t it, what in the world was he thinking when he decided to take on this challenge?

I am so proud to say my friend Mac is proving to our followers, the general public and anyone that takes a moment to check out the website, videos, and even these short stories, that if one man can take on this challenge and raise to date $15,000 in the middle of a pandemic, there is no limit to what anyone can do if they set their mind to it!

It’s all about setting the goal and the follow through!

Spread the word & Peace Out!

Mac’s YouTube Channel:

Latest video!

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