Life From the Fishbowl (Allie)

Do any of you remember DotComGuy? Where he decided to challenge himself to live in a house for a year only using the internet for his needs? Well that is how I live with few trips out that I ABSOLUTELY RELISH!!!!!

And NO, I have not made home shopping, Grubhub or Favor my passion; however they do come in handy at times, (Thank you Chip Caraway).

Its not all bad as I try to do what I can in the mornings while I am rested and then crash in the afternoons. Then later having a hard time sleeping all night as I have spasms or severe pain that wakes me. So, I get up and write this, surf the web or watch Venom, Me before You, Sabrina, It’s Complicated whatever, depending on my mood…. Hmmmm, I guess I should be watching Into the Wild.

I am not saying this to make you feel down or anything like that; what I am saying is to soak up life! Live it to its fullest: you just never know how one day things may change. I used to do this while running, clear my head and just enj

oy the moment and my surroundings; the cool air and the wildlife I would spot, hoping for no snakes once the day warmed up and I was going to return along the same track! Eek!!!!

Today I do the same, it just comes less frequently…. I try to draw or paint when my arms and hands allow, read if vision is cooperating and concentration! (I have read the same 27 pages in a book probably 10 times, just to remember the storyline: at least it makes them last longer)..Lol

Even writing this post has taken me several times to review and use the correct words; since I no longer spell or write words correctly, (It’s almost like having dyslexia).

Some may ask, “What keeps me going in this struggle”? The answer to that are: first of all my husband, and then my friends like Mac that help me day to day. I think to myself, “if he is willing to do what I know will hurt and push him mentally beyond what he has ever experienced, then I can make it through one more day! Each day this thought replays in my mind and it makes it a little less painful and provides that light at the end of the tunnel that you reach for.

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