Mac is Back :(

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Good morning everyone. As many of you have suspected from the non-movement of the tracker and the lull In videos that I’m probably not on trail anymore. The final weeks of the trail really were difficult which came to a head when, due to the Coronavirus, the post service was unable to locate numerous resupply boxes AND my bounce box which contained critical gear and my computer! Could I continue? Buy all new food and gear? Yes, yes I could have but there would be no guarantee it would makee the trip to the next town stop plus it was a significant expense that I wasn’t ready to incur. It was a very emotional decision to make but after visiting with Allie and Cait the decision was made to come home and regroup. That was the first of June and on July 3 two of my boxes arrived back in Texas (They were lost for almost 30 days).

I felt like such a failure calling Allie and asking her if she would be upset with me. She has been through so much and really deserves someone to stand and deliver for her. Even during her time of need she still consoled me, thanked me for what I have done and cheered me up. She is such an inspiration and even to this day continues to inspire me with her compassion and generosity.

So what now that Mac is Back? I’m working hard every day to finish a couple barns and building fence. Looking for a job and wishing I was back on trail every day - I didn’t think I’d miss being hot/cold, tired and smelly as much as I do but life was much more simple. I have some regrets but I’m sure they are trivial to most. Dear Coronavirus, thanks for F**king up my plans!


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