Mac is in COLORADO! Improvement with Treatments! Good News all Aound!

Walking…..yes well maybe more hobbling but I am on my feet for a short period of time. It takes a big toll on me, but I can move! THANK YOU Dr. Cripps and Dr. Young!!!! Without them and their combined effort, none of this would be possible.

Remember, there are choices you make in treatment as they all have unpleasant side effects: that said, without the treatment life is excruciating and frustrating.

Walking is a big pick me up mentally. I have my days when I can do more and stay lucid a little while (2 to 3 hours) and may be awake more of the day, resting during that time, but awake nonetheless. That is a good day, and the bad you count on your friends and family for support.

Speaking of that, McKennon “Mac” Laas, my friend, has completed walking across New Mexico in his effort to fund raise for me! HE IS IN COLORADO!!!!!! Make sure to see his videos here:

and remember there is tracking and blogs and pictures of his journey located at:

I was reminded (well, ordered lol), by him to get out of the negativity going on that is so easy to be sucked into with all the media, and that I need to focus on the positive and me and he is right!

Look at him out there busting his tushy to raise money for me! That is the story persons should get out, someone willing to make a HUGE sacrifice for another to help. That is love, friendship, and just plain selflessness it is a glimpse of what mankind should be like! I look up to this man more than anyone could ever imagine, and it inspires me to hang on and push no matter what I go through! Keep going Mac, we are all behind you!

Today I want you to know that whatever hardships you are going through you can and will get through it. I am limiting my stressors so that I may take a little time for myself to try to draw and paint. My passions I do not get to enjoy enough, (and not binge-watching Netflix)!

One day at a time! No Pain No Gain!

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