My Personal (Hiker) Trainer!

Well I was in a slump, it happened to me, it happens to you, it’s just a way of life. It sucks and most of the time we can pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and get out of this funk. But sometimes, sometimes you need some help. My help came in the form of a 9 year old, bird skinny, PERSONAL HIKER TRAINER!! My nephew came up on his Spring Break to help get me out of my slump and back into hiking shape and he did one heck of a job! This kid is a machine - He never slows down!

On the first day he hiked and I literally ran to keep up with in at the Guadalupe State Park in Bulverde, Texas. We did ~6 miles and he never slowed his pace unless it was to tell me to keep up. I’m getting old.

The next two days we spent backcountry camping at the Lost Maples State Park in Vanderpool, Texas. Kolt, again, never skipped a beat even with the constant drizzle!

I’m glad he was here and happy to get to experience things with him before he gets too old to hang out with his uncle or gets really too fast to keep up with!!


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