Poor Folks Have Poor Ways

“Poor folks have poor ways” has been a saying around my hood for as long as I can remember. A motto which I have inherited and, to the disgust of most people, to which I typically use on a daily basis! It’s fun to me but I’m sure to the outside world its infuriating. But times like this the saying represents hard working, diligent and frugal background of my upbringing. Poor folks, or atleast the one’s I grew up with, are some of the most resilient and educated in history. They are always prepared for hard times because they have lived through them - They always have food because they have grown, prepared and preserved the lagniappe from the earlier harvest - They are smart with their money because typically there isn’t any or very little - And they do all this with a positive attitude because they know that the end can come at any moment.

My grandparents/great grandparents exemplified all these traits and luckily I was able to absorb some of it and further learn from my parents. Poor folks have poor ways and I’m proud to be able to live comfortably during this uncertain time because of those lessons.

While self quarantining / shelter in place / soci al distancing my crew has been very busy making and preserving some great dishes not just for the trail but for the period of time from now until the end of this uncertainty. While the grocery stores are almost bare it seems that the low hanging fruit is usually the first to be plundered however the “poor folk“ pantry items are in abundance - I assume it’s because the majority missed out on those poor folk lessons!

Well I wouldn’t be a Texan or a good ol country boy if I didn’t share with the outside world so here is what we have been doing to pass the time. I hope it helps someone and inspires the rest. It’s also fun and delicious too! Enjoy ~ Chef TCP

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