Prepping: Forward Growth (Pima, AZ)

Since announcing my intentions to hike across the country a lot of people have questioned my mental stability. Although most have come around to embrace The Great Western Experiment and support my efforts for #teamallie, it doesn't upset me when people flip out when learning of my journey. Usually it's shock and confusion, then lots of questions ("Are you bringing a gun?", "What about bears?", "How will you get back?", "Where will you use the bathroom?!") and then followed by jokes and some times mockery. My brother-in-law accuses me of wanting to be a professional hobo. It's all in good fun so it's no big deal to me - Water off a ducks back, right?!

Recently I spent a couple weeks in the desert mountains in Pima, AZ where I had significant time to ponder these folks reactions. As I continue to prep for the journey, mile after mile / elevation gain and drop, I realized that most people never dare to step out of their comfort zone even to make their lives better. Everyone has an excuse why they want to stay in the warm and fuzzy area, where you don't regress nor make progress, their comfort zones are comfortable and easy and rarely do people make REASONS to create forward growth. They want to float in life. I guess I can understand these people as it it easy to make excuses to coast through life but I don't want any regrets in my life - I want to die with memories and not dreams.

I have such a competitive spirit in me that I yearn to push to the next goal, the next ridge line, or life chapter. I desire to train my body/mind every day so when I do fulfill those accomplishments I can feel complete that I not only crossed the finish line but enjoyed all the moments along the way. It's difficult for my mind to wrap around those who have the potential to do anything they desire however they cant seem to break out of the their comfort zone - they need a little momentum and their forward growth would not be measurable!

Putting in the effort in the beginning makes the sunrises that much more spectacular!


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