My life affords me time to research and reflect these days as I spent almost every single moment of my adult life dedicated to busting my ass in the pursuit of getting ahead. Like "getting ahead" in the meaning of preparing and readying in case hard times happened to be in the middle of my road. I passed up a lot of experiences that others in their 20's and 30's had but I'm not regretful for several reasons. Two of those reasons being that I enjoy where I am today (physically, emotionally, relationship wise, location, etc.) and I feel secure in myself from what I put myself through. I lived and survived and my experiences sculpted the person that I became and will become in the future.

Now as I reflect it amazes me how many things are connected. Stories and words and deeds, experienced years apart, all culminate at the exact second and I'm like "WHOA......DAMN.....THIS JUST BLEW MY MIND."

Listening to some post casts featuring Chad Wright, looking for some motivation, and this guys words and perspective was like a kick in the head. Chad is a retired Navy Seal who is now an Christian, ultra runner, bad ass. (Ultra runners = bad asses. Look it up). Anyway - So I'm listening to Chad and his demeanor is laser focused and his attitude is humble but direct. He reminisces of his father's words when he was once uncertain regarding his choice to pursue the dream of becoming a SEAL. Those words were, "If you want to do this, then you don't have a choice." If you really want to pursue a dream, if you really want to reach a goal then do not let yourself have a choice of realizing it or not. Do it and never let yourself have an option.

Chad goes on to discuss interesting similarities during his time in BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL Training...I think) and his now running career associated to spoken words or by manifesting a thought into reality by speaking it out loud. Once his BUDS classmate (friend/brother) spoke out loud he didn't think he was physically fit to continue BOOM he quit - He dropped out of the course. He manifested his thoughts of doubt into reality the moment he spoke them and it crushed him in this instance. Later Chad spoke about how he and a running companion, in an ultra running competition, agreed to "die on the course and not in the chair", meaning they would not quit in the rest area but rather on course, and because their spoken words were of a positive type this companion (who amazingly enough had never ran more than 6 miles at one time) fulfilled his dream of running over 100+ miles in a 24 period.

Both stories combined were powerful to me because it caused reflection on my Great Grandfather who, amazingly enough (here's the connection), lived by these two principals. Monetarily a poor man, from a poor part of the world, this man labored his land every day from daylight to dark. Even after suffering several strokes he continued to get the job done. He started every day with "I love my life and I love my job." and ended every day with "I wonder what the poor folks are doing?". He gave him self no choice but to push forward when most men would have broken. He spoke out loud positive words and manifested his hopes and dreams into reality. A true man among men. And as all great men can only accomplish his last gift to the world was his continued inspiration long after his death.

His spirit is alive in me. It will continue to live on as I will not fear the dangers before me for I will SPEAK positive words and not give myself a CHOICE

but to get the job done.



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