The Beauty That Surrounds Us Can Revitalize The Spirit

Big Views and Topo Changes From Grant to Cuba, NM.

Yes, I announced Mac is in Colorado and he is, no questioning that; however while on the trail there are only so many hot spots where he can upload his videos which means they are documenting his journey about a week behind. Just let this sink in, a world with little to no contact with others, and unplugged from the media. Could you do it?

Mac has posted some spectacular videos showing how much the trail changes; not only in views, but in topography and fauna, and from dessert dust to snow with up to 11,000 ft peaks! Motivated not only by me, but the beauty that surrounds him and the changes in the CDT trail that bring out the excitement of what lies ahead.

He is making it day by day with a smile on his face (sometimes) and breaking down the trip mentally to keep going. Mac shares with us what motivates him, the difficulties faced while Covid continues and the planning which must go into everyday thinking.

Go check out the new album created on the website “Grant to Cuba NM” at

Mac’s You Tube Channel for more Trail Fun and documentation:

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