The Beauty That Surrounds Us (Pt. 2) by Allie

As I get up, I have to see just what is working today. Are my feet awake or already so sensitive the tendons are pulling along the bottom of my feet, resulting with me taking tender steps on the outside of my feet making me bow-legged? Are my thumbs and wrists working so that I may push up to get out of bed without putting me in excruciating pain? How is my dizziness and do I feel lightheaded when I try to stand? I may have to sit a moment before attempting to get upright.

Once I am up, I try walking: some days I can make it in brief spurts for about 20 minutes, somedays only a few steps without it getting dangerous.

I take the time to walk the dogs early, with them securely belted into my seatbelt on the wheelchair; so I don’t have to use my hands to try to hold them (in case of a muscle spasm).

While on my walk I take in the wind, the shade, appreciate the blooming flowers and the silence of the neighborhood with the lack of traffic on our streets….

I get to see smiling faces and talk to neighbors which feeds the soul and awakens the love that is shared with just a nod, a smile, or a brief hello.

It doesn’t take much to look for the good and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you even in the most urban of areas if you just take the time.

Take this time to get back to basics: your faith, your family and the love that can be shared by just a smile. Feed the soul, it’s a choice you make every day.

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