The Cowboy Philanthropist …It’s not over

As Mac states, “The needs of others does not stop just because the world shuts down”.

He is absolutely right….

He is contemplating other projects while my project is on hold and brainstorming happens regarding TGWE. It was a win for me, people don’t understand just how much it helped no matter the amount of the donation. The funds have been spent continuously on my medical bills, and what a blessing that has been and is during this time. We too have been hit by Covid, not in illness, but financially.

I am and always will be honored by this outpouring of love and the great journey Mac took on for me. I mean who has a friend that does that?

The support and time needed by family and friends to even get this started and continue the progress. It is beyond comprehension, not to mention the worry regarding his health.

This has helped me fight on through some pretty tough times. Honestly, at times I thought the fight was over. There were some really scary days. You think you have come to terms with the possibility of the ultimate outcome until you are actually facing the inability to get air into your lungs.

I still have fight left in me and thanks to this great honor bestowed on me by Mac, I am inspired to fight on. I am not signing off, neither is he….

We will post future projects and updates.

In the mean time please watch this video stating “The Cowboy Philanthropist – To Be Continued…”

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