The Great Western Experiment has OFFICIALLY KICKED OFF!

Mac is well on his way, as you can see by following the tracker, and he is inviting us along on his journey by posting updates and creating videos of the natural beauty he encounters and the folks he comes across on the trail. We are lucky that there are water caches along the way thanks to The Continental Divide Trail Coalition, that works to maintain the trail and provides water provisions in the drier areas, (if they are not already emptied, Yikes!). Don't worry he has thought of everything and he and his father have prepared for the worst!

Mac is doing well; sore, but moving at a fast pace averaging about 20 to 28 miles a day!

He has set goals to make by specific dates to reach his resupply areas. As I have mentioned before he has a team working with him to get those provisions to him on time. However, we are short some supplies, please take a look at his wish list link found on the "SPECIAL THANKS" page if you would like to help with some of those items.

Stage 1 of the journey is recorded and posted on his You Tube channel, or click below and become a part of this incredible journey!

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