The Power of Positive Thinking. (Allie)

Before I get on with my blog, I want to take a moment to thank all the persons that are donating! We have received supplies for Mac including a pair of much needed shoes!!!! We are receiving donations that are much appreciated!!!! We know everyone has been affected by Covid in one way or another, and to donate at this time brings tears to my eyes. This outpouring of love and support makes both Mac and I fight even harder.

When you are sick and in pain no matter what meds are given to you; you must make a choice. Do you get on living or get on dying….

The get on living requires you to accept the pain, and then thank your higher power (mine is God) for the good things in your life. I thank him for the good moments, the friends that love me, family that support me, and generally come to terms that you don’t need negativity in your life. Just erase it from your brain and every time you go there make the decision to think about something else. For me today it was suggested to remember and go down the paths I used to run in my mind. To remember the smells, the feel of the pavement, the breathing, the wildlife I used to see…basically relive it with as much detail as I can. Meditate in other words, to whatever floats your boat…waves just don’t cut it for me…

Because here is the deal, the meds only take me so far, but the mind is a powerful tool to use to transport yourself somewhere else, just lessen the pain a bit more, maybe even get lucky and go to sleep and just try to sleep it off in the hopes your nerves will calm down and ease the pain. (This also applies to Mac while hurting on the trail its all mental.)

And Just maybe… can get some time doing what you love……No, not bills, and Facebook. I’m talking reading, maybe waking the dogs in the wheel chair, soaking up some sun before it gets too hot on the patio; watching for bees and dragonflies, maybe a “vibrating midget bird”, (hummingbird). For me it’s painting and drawing. Using every chance you have being you!

The other choice, well that is not an option for me. You can get so upset by the pain and so engulfed in it that it is a downward spiral making not only yourself miserable but others too; as you lash out feeling sorry for yourself and what you are going through. Eventually you drive everyone you love away or make them resent you for what you are putting them through.

You take your pick……I know mine.

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