The Real just got Real-er-ish!

February 3, this day of our Lord, 2020, I have signed up for the shuttle to take me from Lordsburg, NM to the Mexican border - The real just got real-er-ish! The Continental Divide Trail Coalition is a really great group doing a lot of heavy lifting for the trail and the people who enjoy it. Unsung heroes that are doing their part for sure!

People "in tha know" have been asking me for a while if i am ready for this hike. I believe I am ready physically and mentally but I have a lot to do to prepare before this April 13 start date. I also think my family is starting to get mentally prepared as well as I am not the only one sacrificing here. I know they will make it through this time without me but I want to make sure it's a period of easy sailing and not the other way around. I don't want to have to hitch hike home just to open a tight jar lid for the ol' ball and chain!

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