The Rough Start: Stress & Worry by Allie

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

It was 3 days to go for Mac to start and I was stressed and worried! Not only were my treatments rough and making me sick with side effects (Lyme), but my stress level was also flaring the SPS which makes daily living difficult.

Then it began!

There was a rough start with getting all the tracking working and the settings on the Garmin correct but we did it; a complete team effort! You have to remember behind the scenes are a group of people that love him: first of all his parents, the troopers that helped him get to the start; Cait, his fiancé, that also was at the start then travelled quickly to the home base to hold down the fort and continue to prep the very important supply boxes, and updating the wish list of supplies needed for the trip, (which can be found on amazon with a link provided on the SPECIAL THANKS page), and Cait and I both. trying to maintain and receive messages to keep the updates coming. The saying “It takes a village“, is absolutely right.

Mac was starting on this journey and we were working through the issues and all were worried about tracking him. All the what-ifs: snakes, scorpions, injuries, everything that could go bad crosses your mind and spins out of control making a worried group. BUT we all have faith in his abilities and his drive is beyond conceivable. HE WILL MAKE IT!

For Mac, he must know he has trained all he can: the body is prepared, his mental focus must remain steady, he can make it through the pain, the tiredness, and the negative thoughts that do come along with facing the solitude and the sheer magnitude of this challenge.

Just imagine yourself struggling to make the daily mileage necessary to reach the goal of the next supply area because you have a limited supply of food on you at any given time. This is the real stress and the struggle of this journey.

My worry for Mac is real….He is my hero and doing this for me and if anything were to happen I would feel responsible. I pray he completes this journey happy and healthy and gets back to all of us as soon as possible! And thank God we can now track his journey and know where he is at any given moment! A big stress reliever!

If you haven’t already, go to the Tracker page and follow him there: I know I am along with many others….

Vaya con Dios brother, and will see you at the end! I will keep fighting the good fight here, as your journey inspires me to try to do just a little bit more, to live my life as best I can!

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