The Shame of Being Afraid

Since allowing the feline to escape the confounds of the proverbial sack, I have visited with numerous interested parties regarding The Great Western Experiment (check out earlier blog posts). It has been so much fun answering questions, disproving beliefs and attempting to settle their fears. I have enjoyed visiting with everyone but it is a shame how people are comfortable living in fear. I do not believe I am any more confident than the next man. I do not naturally possess that which makes me more brave. My toughness is built on a firm foundation but the remainder of that structure is just as precarious as anyone else's. I believe it is a "shame" that people allow fear to control themselves before even scratching the surface of what the world has to offer.

Several years ago I was able to travel to Zimbabwe, Africa. I wanted something where I could experience the natural culture of the people and animals. I wanted to feel like the "bwanas" of old - experiencing every step into the Dark Continent as if my first steps were on virgin ground. I spent almost a month traveling and experiencing whereas I secured everything I desired from the experience. Later I was again fortunate enough to travel into Northern Mexico for several years. Every exchange with the local population, the flora and fauna was ,again, life changing. I will never forget the sites, smells and the desire that those vistas produced.

Now this new chapter is to commence, and just like those experiences above, most people who I exchange with cannot believe how anyone survived let alone desire to put themselves in such fearful places. It's a shame that they have not seen the preparations that have and are being made. Perhaps it is just that, PREPARATION, which circumvented the fear factor. I don't think it was dumb luck because I have so much of the first and little to none of the later - So it must be in the preparations.

Every day I prepare for the next experience because I don't want to live a life with regret that I missed an opportunity to put my hands on what my world has to offer. I don't want to die with dreams - I want to die with memories.

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