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Alison Largent was in the Oil and Gas industry when I met her.  She was healthy, an athlete with many half-marathons, marathons and a half-Ironman 70.3 completed with another in the planning. This girl was definitely NOT NORMAL!

Here we have a person that mentally still has the desire to grow, to move, to work, yet physically her body has stiffened. While her mind is still wired to GO, her body cannot create the momentum becuase Allie suffers from a 1 in a million disease called Stiff Person Syndrome  (SPS), along with Lyme.

This is a prison and Allie needs your help now!

How to Donate:

Via Check

Due to Covid 19 Precautions all mailed checks will be voided  - however echecks are a great alternative!

Give by phone by calling 800.642.8399

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The Cowboy Philanthropist Commitment:
Unable to complete due to Covid although Mac did hike 1,000 miles!

My friend, Alison Largent, isn't a person to ask for handouts, but is one willing to work for it- if it were possible. 

So in true WP fashion I have volunteered to do all the work for YOUR SUPPORT to benefit her. I'm pledging my effort and time; putting my nose to the grindstone, my boots to walking, AND my money where my mouth is; by committing to give $1.00 for every mile hiked from Mexico to Canada along the Continental Divide Trail or "CDT" starting April 2020. 


I intend to earn your support for Allie during a journey that is roughly 3,100 miles and will take approximately 5 months to complete.

So, You are asking "Yikes is this guy insane? He must have taken a few too many falls off that horse!", and I tell you, yes, just maybe a little. However, I am willing to do this for my friend to prove my intent and hopefully, step by step, earn your support and to show you that there are persons out there that really deserve the help. If the tables were turned they would do it for you!

Feel free to donate in a lump sum up front or pledge per mile just like I did! Whatever your contribution please follow and share our Great Western Experiment so others may be able to feel inspired!


All funds provided will go only to medical expenses, supplies and allowed renovations for her changing physical needs as handled by HelpHopeLive a nonprofit which will handle all donations and funds. So to answer your question, Yes, all funds donated are tax deductible!

If you have caught the WP spirit and want to provide assistance to Team Allie at this time you will find the various methods of donating to the left.

Thank you, now I have to go hike my tail off!


Other Payment Forms:

to access Allie's HelpHopeLive Non-Profit Fundraising site please click the button below:

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